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Keynote Topics

Leading with Laughter:

Improve your professional quality of life!

Mood is the most important factor in determining the way we perceive people and happenings in the outside world and how we react to them. In this keynote, leaders learn how manage negative energy and create positive energy that can change moods, change attitudes and create a contagious environment, one that leads to healthy, satisfied, high-achieving individuals and teams. 

Repositioning for Success

Finding balance between having fun and being productive is crucial and it will have a powerful impact on the direction leaders take. By exploring 10 elements of group dynamics, 6 steps to creative problem solving and 5 steps to feeling good, you have a powerful recipe for success.

Employee Engagement:

The importance of letting your employees know they’re valued.

There are a range of factors thought to increase overall engagement. By managing these factors, an organization can effectively increase the level of employee engagement. In this presentation leaders will be given tools to manage these factors and recognize employees to demonstrate their value to the organization.

Dare to Dream:

Is creating positive energy part of your business plan?

As leaders, we all need to be creating positive energy so we can weather life’s challenging moments and put everything into perspective. Since change is inevitable, implement “positive” changes by creating a process that is easy and fun. Develop your own powerful formula to improve morale and increase productivity.