Managing the bully within!

We ALL resort to toxic humour at one point or another. “Humour is a tool like any other,” says Robert L. Weiss, a psychologist at the University of Oregon who studies humour in relationships. “People use humour in lots of different ways, including some negative ones. Almost every sweet, supportive way of using it has an evil twin; an aggressive, selfish or manipulative version. And like those teasing comments in the workplace that can just as easily feel like flattery or an attack, the two sides of humour are so intimately intertwined, it almost isn’t funny. ”

Furthermore, when we assume leadership positions we sometimes bring with us the tendency to use toxic humour. Studies have found that dominant individuals do use humour more than their subordinates. If you’ve often thought that everyone in the office laughs when the boss laughs, you’re very perceptive.  Philosopher John Morreall says, controlling the laughter of a group becomes a way of exercising power by controlling the emotional climate of the group.

In my opinion using toxic humour is bullying!

Managing my own use of toxic humour is the first step in eliminating bullying.