Letting GO!

I believe that we are not born with an innate capacity to let go. I HAD to learn to let go, forgive, understand differences and trust again. The greater the pain was, the harder it was to let go. I wish I knew why it is so difficult, but I don’t and maybe the universe wants it that way.  I also know that letting go goes beyond humility, integrity, love, it is probably the very essence of inner peace. How do we let go? Letting go is like adding a new chapter to the stories we tell. What are the stories that you currently telling?  Do you need to add a new chapter; one of forgiveness, love and compassion?

I have let go of many things and in doing so I have created more space in my life. More space to learn new things, make new friends and take on new challenges. I still have a long way to learning to “let go”. If you have any tips; please share.