How's your portfolio?

The last two months I have been investing a lot of time into my business. Maybe it’s the bad economy that’s getting to me. I have been feeling a bit of pressure to work harder and make more money; consequently I am not spending enough time on doing what’s good for me.

My fun portfolio is weak. I realized it today as I was playing with my grand-daughter. I realized I hadn’t played for a long time and I have missed it. We did all the stuff 18 month olds do. We played on the swing, went on the slide, picked up a few rocks and rolled around in the grass. It was great!

Summer is just around the corner; let’s get out and invest in our fun portfolios. Those wonderful nights sitting around the camp fire, the lazy afternoons spent in the hammock with a good book or a bit of rolling around in the grass. It’s good for us and it doesn’t cost anything.