Four tips to lighten-up your meetings, conferences and staff retreats.

Events HAVE to be fun. It’s the only way we can increase engagement, motivation and productivity. For some of us this is a new approach to event management so to help us along I am sharing four tips in order to get us going forward on this path.

1) Location, location, location! Pick a location that brings you closer to nature, provides healthy food for meals and snacks and gives you enough space to bring in a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (that’s me) for your morning and afternoon breaks.

2) Balanced content! Have a look at your program/agenda for your upcoming event. How much serious professional development stuff is happening and how much fun building better relationships stuff have you planned. If you are struggling with this, send me your program/agenda for your upcoming event and I will send you one recommendation to improve the fun quota without sacrificing the productivity……FREE!

3) Awareness! How much fun are your participants having?  What is their Professional Quality of Life? Is your team able to show compassion? Gratitude? Get these powerful values going for yourself and your team and watch the positive energy rise!

4) Big picture management. When was the last time you sat down and refreshed your annual company training plan? Start by asking your team members. Have them fill out the Spadrole Professional Development Audit in order to find out where the happiness level is for each one of your employees?

You are now ready to get this show on the road. Share this article with your team and decide which one of these tips you would like to implement. You do not need to figure out the whole plan; simply start somewhere and the rest will follow.

And that, you waskily wabits is the twick to better meetings, conferences and staff retreats. Send me your ideas and tips; I would love to hear from you.