Does anyone have a few good "book writing tips" ?

It was almost two years ago that I wrote a chapter about leadership and laughter. This chapter was published in the book Leadership Gurus Speak Out. I was very happy with the experience of writing the chapter as well as the final product: the book itself. So much so, I decided I wanted my own book. I invested all my free time during this past summer in creating content. I just wrote anything. I wrote about life and general, I even wrote about peace on earth and the steps to get there.

Two weeks ago I went to my secret hiding place and I started focusing my energy on building “the book”. It was time for me to get serious. Find a title, start designing the chapters and organise my content into something that made some sense. Well it turns out that this whole project is much bigger than I thought and I am starting to loose sleep over it. You have to understand; I have never written a whole book and right now it just feels like a lot of work and as I am moving forward with this project the pressure is building. “The book” is starting to become real and I really don’t think it’s such a good idea anymore.

I am not having fun! Does anyone have any tips for me?